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At PCPARTGUIDE, we aim to provide the most accurate and helpful articles to help whoever is interested in building computers. Beginners, and enthusiasts, you can learn everything to do with hardware, and different types of builds such as gaming PCs, and Workstations.

We understand that building a computer can be tricky, and even people with years of experience can get confused sometimes. So our easy-to-understand resources can help you pick the right components for your build, as well as help you with certain queries you may have.

For guides about PC Parts, we have a large selection of guides for processors, graphics cards, RAM, power supplies, PC cases, and storage devices.

The PC parts are the building blocks for your computer, there are so many to select, but only a few will produce your desired effects.

PC parts come from many different brands and manufacturers. CPUs and GPUs, are usually provided by NVIDIA and AMD.

We have comparison guides to help you make the right buying decision, you wouldn’t want to purchase the wrong component for your build.

Are you looking for information on a PC Build, for example, the best gaming PCs for 1440P, well, arguably the most important component when building a gaming PC is the graphics card.

Gaming PCs are an excellent choice as they provide flexibility with what you want to do. Not only is it strong at gaming, but you can use it for streaming & video editing too.

Video editing PCs are for more practical purposes, they usually have stronger processors for video decoding. Video editing PCs may also include graphics cards for GPU intensive video editing software.

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