Among Us is a game that managed to capture the public’s attention long after being initially released. Even though the game was released over two years ago, the popularity grew quite a lot over the past several months. The game is available for PC as well as iOS and Android, making it a multiplayer cross-platform game, and no matter which platform you play it on, the rules are the same.

Speaking of gameplay, Among Us has a relatively simple set of rules. The game can be played with 4 to 10 players on 3 different maps, where each of the players, or crewmates, has a unique set of tasks they need to complete to wind the game. The problem is that there can be up to 3 impostors with a different agenda among them. The goal of the game depends on who you play – the crewmate or the impostor.

The crew mate’s job is to complete the list of tasks and communicate with the other team members to determine who the impostor is and eliminate them. The impostor’s mission is to sabotage various systems around the map in an effort to avoid detection and kill all the crewmates. The rules are simple, but winning can be slightly tricky, especially if you are the impostor. And we are going to help you with that.

Today’s article aims to provide you with 10 tips on how to win a match of Among Us if you play as the impostor. In many ways, the impostor is at a disadvantage, especially if there is only one of you. If you play things right, you can take out the entire team and be the winner.

To help you play things right, we have compiled a list of the best 10 tips and tricks on how to play as an impostor on Among Us and win. Before we begin, there is one crucial thing to know: in order to succeed as an impostor, you will need to be strategic, cunning, and deceitful. With that in mind, let’s get cracking.

One thing to note: the tips are not in any specific order, and some are linked with others. Read the entire article and then start planning your kills. Also, the tips are in no particular order.

1. Complete imaginary tasks

The first thing you should do at the beginning of the game is to start going around the map and act like you are completing tasks. The game will assign you some fake tasks that you can use as guidance to know which way to go. If you have played the game, you will know how long it takes for most of the tasks to be completed. To ensure that your task accomplishing feats are credible to the other players, make sure you are standing in the designated area for as long as it would usually take to complete the task. If you don’t know how long it takes to complete a task, you can monitor the progress bar on the top left corner. It will fill up a little bit once a task is completed, and then you can move from the imaginary task.

During that time, you have the option to stalk your prey. You can follow one of the players that have a task in a similar direction as yours.

2. Always have an alibi

Killing a crewmate is the easy part; trying to steer the blame game away from you is the tricky part, which is why you need an alibi. When you manage to have a crewmate cornered and kill him, the first thing you should try to do is continue to act as nothing has happened. Doing this is risky, but if you play it right, it could be worth it. Once you kill your crewmate, there is a cooldown period, so if another crewmate comes in, you will not be able to silence him.

Once you kill the crewmate, to remedy the situation, run out of the room and continue acting like you are doing tasks. It is essential to try and find another crewmate and tag along with him. That way, when someone discovers the body, you will have a solid tight alibi.

Another way you can create an alibi is with your fake tasks. Standing by a task and waiting for the progress bar to move is an excellent way to tell your crewmates what you have been up to. To ensure that this works, try not to be in close proximity to the body; otherwise, you will draw suspicion. The further, the better.

3. Don’t rush the kill

Playing as an impostor isn’t as common as playing as a crewmate. Eager players often get excited when they play as the impostor, and that’s when they start making mistakes, and the most common one is to try and kill the cremates as quickly as possible. That is a terrible strategy.

At the beginning of the game, most players will start working on their tasks and will scatter all over the map, just as you should do with your fake tasks. During your missions, you will run into other crewmates, but that doesn’t mean that you should kill them on the spot. Try to remember where the other players were headed and if you believe you and the crewmate are the only ones in that area of the map; you can go for the kill. If you suspect that someone may be incoming or, multiple players may be close by, abort your killing mission and continue with your fake tasks. The timing is everything, and if you rush the kill, there is a higher chance of getting caught.

4. Use or don’t use the vents

The vent can be very crucial to your game if you play it right. During the game, only impostors can use the vents, meaning while they can provide you with an advantage, you will still be at risk of detection. If a crewmate sees you venting, they will know that you are the impostor. So how to use them? Wisely.

Venting is an excellent way to get from one side of the map to another. The biggest problem with using the vents is that while you will be able to see if anyone is in the room where you go down the vent, you have no idea if someone is in the room you decide to pop out. That makes using them a slight risk. 

The advantage of using the vets is that you have the option to go from one side to the opposite one on the map. If you killed someone in a room that has a vent, you could use it to escape to another room and make it look like you weren’t anywhere near the body when it gets discovered. Also, if you go from one room to another and the other room has a crewmate there, you can kill him and get back to the previous room, and no one will know. Using the vents is also a great way to get yourself an alibi. If the body is on one part of the map and you vented in another, then it’s unlikely that someone will suspect you.

With that said, there is a risk. While you can wait for a room with a vent to be empty before you vent, the other room where you decide to vent to may not be. If it’s only one crewmate, you can kill him and get back to the previous location. On the other hand, if there are two crewmates, you will be busted. The cooldown period between kills allows you to kill only one crewmate, while the other can call for an emergency meeting or report the dead body. In both cases, you will be eliminated, and your game will be lost.

Overall, the vents can be your greatest ally or your worst foe, so use them with caution.

5. Communication is key

When a body is reported or during emergency meetings, imposters often give themselves away with their attitude and style of communicating. The key is to blend in and avoid being uninterested or too pushy, trying to blame someone else. 

When a body is reported, the most natural thing to do is try to play detective and ask questions that all the other players would. If you are on the other side of the map and didn’t see who found the body, act surprised and ask where the body was found. From this point on, you will need to follow the conversation flow and try not to stand out. In some cases, other players will start spilling out their alibis, and you should too. If you managed to escape to another room, tell the truth, and let the cremates know that you were there to complete a specific task. Impostors that try to lie are often caught.

Another thing to keep in mind is if someone else was in the room with you or in the vicinity. That would mean that you have your alibi, plus a witness that saw you there. That is something that you can use to your advantage, but don’t lead with it. For example, if you and blue were in the same room, tell the other crewmates that. Explain what you were doing in that room and be blue’s alibi, but don’t say that blue is your alibi. That way, the other players will see you like you are protecting blue, not like you need blue’s protection from something.

Since you are the killer, it can be challenging to start pointing fingers, especially if you didn’t know who was in the body’s vicinity when it was found. Serious players will not begin pointing fingers at anyone unless they are suspicious, while inexperienced ones may start to attack a crewmember randomly. In both cases, it is imperative to avoid being the center of attention. If you were nowhere near the body when it was found, act as a detective and ask questions, did anyone see anything, who was in that room the usual stuff. If you were in the vicinity, try to remember which players were around that room and let the other players know that. Don’t start accusing that, for example, blue is the killer; try to be softer and say that you saw blue passing there or was in the next room. Whatever you do, don’t lead the charge against another crewmate; it can be a giveaway.

When the blame game starts, make sure you are not leading it. Instead, you can even try to be skeptical and worried that you wouldn’t vote out the wrong crewmate. Several players may start to point fingers at another crewmember, and you can use that to ask if they are sure, if someone saw something, and so on. Throughout the game, this act builds trust that leads to the grand finale.

When there are only 3 of you left, you will start to blame each other. If you managed to portray yourself as a trustworthy player, then it will be your word against another player. Let’s say green says that you are the impostor, and blue says green is the impostor. In this case, you can choose who to side with blue and eliminate green. On the other hand, if green blames you and blue is not sure, you can use that to your advantage, along with the trustworthiness you’ve been building throughout the game, to blame green.

6. Avoid voting first

Once the discussion starts, there is a limited window of opportunity to vote, and this is where you can make a mistake. Being the first one to vote can shift the suspicion from someone else to you. Follow the discussion, take part in it, maybe try to blame someone if you think it will work, but don’t be the first person to throw the stone. If you cannot blame someone, suggest to the other players to skip the vote, be uncertain, and be concervative. If you see that most of the others are already leaning on a crewmate, then use the chance to add your vote to the mix and eliminate one player from the equation.

7. Sabotage to distract the other crewmates

Impostors cannot complete tasks like the other crewmates, but they can sabotage certain systems. This approach is not always preferred, but in certain scenarios, it can give you an edge. When you play as an impostor, you can sabotage multiple systems like a core overload, deplete the oxygen, turn off the lights, close doors, and more. The first two can be the quick ways to win the game if the other players don’t manage to fix the problem on time. 

When you sabotage a system, you will usually create chaos that you can take advantage of. Setting the reactor to blow or breaking the O2 system are the common ones that will create panic among the crewmates. The reason for that is the risk of losing the game and the crewmates will rush to fix the problem, which can be the right time to strike. During all that confusion, you may have a small window of opportunity to kill a crewmate and then continue to go to where the problem is. Usually, that will be a player that is slow to react or too far away from the sabotaged system. Be careful, though. If everyone is running to the left and you are running in the opposite direction, the other players will start to suspect you.

If you want more extended gameplay where you pick one crewmember at a time, then sabotaging the lights is the best way to do it. When the lights are out, all crew members will get a limited vision, while you will be looking at things just as before. That enables you to move around unnoticed and kill crewmates in front of the others. Not really, but with the other player’s reduced sight, you can move around and kill with a reduced chance of getting seen.

8. Try to avoid the cameras

Each map in the game has several cameras that can be viewed from the security room. The important thing with the cameras is to avoid doing anything suspicious when they are active and use them to see who is where.

All players can access the security room, and they can access the live feed. When the camera’s red dot is on, it means that someone is watching, so you may need to abort your killing mission at that time. The good news is that most players will rush to get their tasks completed, so it is not very common that someone will be watching. Regardless, you never know who may tune in, so try to avoid them.

The good thing about the cameras is that you can also use them to see which crewmate is where. That will give you an insight into which player is alone and plan how and where you can kill him. It is also an excellent way to plan your alibi or keep an eye on what the others are doing.

9. Report a body

When you kill a crewmate, the most basic instinct is to run as far away as fast as you can. While that is the best thing to do, you may find yourself in a situation where you can’t run too far without causing suspicion. In that case, go back to the room and report the body.

When someone reports a body, that is the first person that most will suspect. To ensure that you are not suspicious of that, answer the other players’ questions. The first one will be where and if you have seen anyone. Be truthful, and since you are the one that killed the crewmate, you will tell them where you found the body and that you haven’t seen anything. This is where you will be asked what you were doing there, and this is where you will need to make sure your lie is good. If it’s a room with a task in it, say that you were doing that or that you were on your way to another room when you saw the body.

Try not to report everybody you’ve killed; you will draw suspicion.

10. Eliminate the smart ones

Players that have been involved with the game for longer will have adapted specific tactics that help them win. At the start of the game, you probably won’t know who they are, but once there’s an emergency meeting, or a body gets reported, the discussion starts. When that happens, you should estimate who is the smartest of the bunch and aim to have them killed as soon as possible. The risk with them is that they will be more likely to figure you out, so eliminating them will make your game easier for the others.


Among Us is an exciting multi-player game. At the beginning of each round, the game randomly chooses who will play as an impostor, and if you have played the game, you will know that you don’t get to be the impostor too often. Most of the time, the game will assign you as a crewmember, which can get boring after several rounds. You start to complete your tasks and then run around, hoping you won’t get killed and find the impostor. Getting the impostor badge after that is exciting, and if you are not careful, you will be caught. To help you, we have compiled a list of the best tips and tricks to help you win as an impostor. Depending on your opponent, you can win the game in a few minutes, but you can also have smarter crewmates, and you won’t have it so easy. In each case, follow our tips and try not to be sus.