Does Crypto Mining Damage GPU

Building an expensive rig with pricy GPUs can seem like an achievement that you want to last as long as possible, especially when you’ve invested a lot. It’s said that nonstop use of a computer can cause it to degrade over time, especially when it’s running at 100% all the time, therefore it’s definitely plausible that Crypto mining can damage the GPU.

Nothing lasts forever especially with hardware components such as graphics cards, there are many factors that can cause your graphics card to degrade over time. Heat plays the biggest factor when it comes to the lifespan of your components, especially the GPU, and since it’s running at 100% all the time, it’ll degrade faster.

Answer: Inherently, crypto mining causes the GPU to work harder which increases heat, but if well maintained, it shouldn’t damage the GPU. Crypto mining can be profitable, but it requires you to run your computer extensively, specifically your GPU. This will cause your graphics card to run at 100% for as long as you’re mining cryptocurrency, we’re going to go into the effects of doing this, and ways you can reduce any negative consequences.

Average Lifespan Of A Mining GPU

With sufficient precautions which include having decent airflow and undervolting your GPU, your crypto mining graphics card should have a lifespan of around 5-8 years. And the likely component to fail on your graphics card would be the fans which can be easily replaced. So, crypto mining can be profitable if you maintain your hardware.

Increasing the lifespan of your graphics cards requires you to employ the precautions recommended for crypto mining. However, there’s simple maintenance you can do occasionally such as removing dust from your components, this will improve thermals, and also makes your PC look better from the inside.

A computer’s power supply is an extremely crucial part of the build, and not much thought goes into it. A bad power supply can cause abnormal performance in components such as the GPU, this is usually caused by insufficient power or overvoltage. Picking up a decent power supply is the best way to ensure your components such as your GPU last longer.

Is It Bad To Run GPU At 100%?

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When your graphics card is running at 100%, this essentially means your graphics card is running at full potential. When it’s at full potential, all applications including your crypto mining software will run at optimal performance. The reason why many think running your graphics card at 100% is bad is because of the negative effects caused by heat.

Running your GPU at 100% should not cause extensive damage to your graphics card if you meet a few requirements. If your PC has sufficient airflow, and your graphics card is dispelling heat optimally, then your GPU should work fine at 100%. Crypto miners also undervolt their graphics cards to extend its lifespan, this may cause slight performance degradation.

Ethereum(ETH) miners primarily use their graphics card, this is because Ethereum mining doesn’t use the processor. So, you’ll typically find rigs with multiple high-end graphics cards and a really bad processor since the processor has no influence on how much ETH you can mine. Ethereum mining will push your graphics card to run at 100%, and like previously stated, if you have sufficient airflow, it shouldn’t be an issue.

Optimal GPU Temperature For Crypto Mining

Crypto mining will obviously cause the graphics card to run at 100% in return cause the GPU to run extensively hot, but your GPU is made to run hot so usually, there’s not much to worry about. Your graphics card should be running at around 75 degrees Celsius when crypto mining, keep in mind, GPUs aren’t as fragile as you think.

Depending on the graphics card, it will either come with a blower-style cooler or an open-air cooler. For crypto mining, you will want to buy aftermarket cards as they provide superior cooling solutions compared to the traditional blower-style cooler. Aftermarket graphics cards will last longer due to the lower temperatures, and also be faster in performance.

Open-air coolers only work well in specific circumstances, so this doesn’t mean blower-style coolers are the worst options. Open-air coolers will work optimally when your PC case has sufficient airflow, if not then the blower-style cooler will be superior.

Detecting An Overheating Graphics Card

To accurately determine the temperature of your graphics card, to do this is quite easy and you can do it in a few ways. On Windows 10, open task manager by using the shortcuts, CTRL + SHIFT + ESC, go over to the Performance tab, and look for your GPU, the temperature should be there. Or you can download a tool such as HWInfo.

How To Lower GPU Temperatures

Firstly, we always recommend you to maintain the cleanliness of your computer, you can do this by keeping all the vents clean, and regularly removing dust. This can decrease the thermals by allowing more cool air to enter your PC case consequently resulting in a longer-lasting GPU.

Another way to improve your graphics card’s thermals is to manually set the fan speed to its max value. This will cause more cool air to enter your graphics card and cool the GPU core, but doing this for an extended period of time can increase wear and tear to the fans resulting in you needing to replace them.

If you’re familiar with overclocking, you’d know that it can increase your graphics card temperatures, this is due to a higher voltage and higher clock speeds. When Crypto mining, it’s often recommended to underclock your graphics card slightly by reducing the voltage and clock speeds to have a stable and longer-lasting graphics card.

On your GPU chip, there is thermal paste much like on a CPU, and over time it degrades with high temperatures. It’s pretty easy to replace your GPUs thermal paste, all you have to do is remove the GPU cooler and apply a fresh layer of thermal paste. The only reason you should do this is if you’re experiencing worse thermals than usual, or you’re replacing the cooler.


In conclusion, crypto mining just like any GPU-intensive task can cause degradation to it over time, but there are ways you can slow down hardware degradation. The best way to increase the lifespan of your graphics card is to keep your computer clean and free of dust, and also underclocking can increase the lifespan.

The average lifespan of a crypto mining graphics card is around 5-8 years, which is average with graphics cards. With poor maintenance, you can expect that number to be much lower due to increased thermals and wear and tear.