single rail vs multi rail

Single Rail vs Multi-Rail Power Supplies (PSU)

There's a long debate regarding whether single or multi-rail power supplies are better & the truth is quite boring. Because there are many assumptions such as "Multiple Rails provide more stable voltages",...
signs to upgrade gpu

3 Signs You Need A Graphics Card Upgrade

The signs telling you when you should upgrade your graphics card can be subtle. You may not notice that the games you're playing are starting to become unplayable with continuous graphical advancements....
upgrade laptop gpu

Can I Upgrade My Laptops GPU/Graphics Card?

You're likely wondering if you can upgrade your laptops GPU for better gaming performance. Graphics Cards/GPUs are a super prominent specification now due to the rise in popularity with graphically intensive applications...

How Much VRAM Is Necessary In 2020?

If you didn't already know, graphics cards/GPU's have onboard memory which goes by VRAM(Video-Random-Access-Memory) which is volatile. Graphics cards just like CPU's need to store the data it handles, graphics cards...

Dedicated Vs Integrated Graphics

So you've happened to come across the two types of computer graphics, Integrated & Dedicated. The two are very different and are best used in their own respective scenarios.