850W Vs 1000W Power Supply

850W Vs 1000W Power Supply (2022)

DewayneSep 29, 20225 min read

Are you stuck between picking a 850W or a 1000W power supply? It’s understandable as picking power supplies can be difficult. First you have to ensure that the PSU can…

Is 850W Power Supply/PSU Overkill?

Is 850W Power Supply/PSU Overkill?

DewayneSep 29, 20226 min read

When building a gaming PC, an 850W power supply does seem like a lot, and we typically don’t want an overkill PC. Having a balanced build is the easiest way…

1000w vs 1200w psu

1000W Vs 1200W Power Supply (2022)

DewayneSep 28, 20224 min read

As power requirements surges, 1000W and 1200W power supplies are becoming viable and popular among PC builders. There are actually some scenarios where a 1200W PSU can be better than…

I5 Vs I7 For Gaming

I5 Vs I7 For Gaming? (Updated 2022)

DewayneSep 25, 20226 min read

The I5 Vs I7 comparison is one of the most popular comparisons especially among gamers, this is because I5s and I7s hold a lot of similarities. So, a gamer will…