How Safe Are AIO Coolers

aio cooler

Many people shy away from using AIO coolers because of a common fear of them leaking. We’re going to discuss the safety of AIO coolers, and if they’re worth it….

How To Maintain A Motherboard [Best-Tips!]

tips maintaining motherboard mobo

The motherboard, the unit that holds everything together must be taken care of. After reading this guide, you can be assured you will know all the best tips when it…

7 Things To Consider When Buying A Motherboard!

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Contents1 Picking The Right Motherboard Form Factor1.1 How do I Know Which Motherboard Form Factor I Need?1.2 Specifications And Expandability Of Different Form Factors2 Pick The Right CPU Socket2.1 About…

Does The Motherboard Affect Performance?

Motherboard form factor

When buying motherboards, people often just pick up any motherboard that supports their processor and ram. This tactic is bad for performance as there are more factors that need to…

How To Choose A CPU Cooler

In this guide, you will learn about all the different types of CPU coolers & how they operate. Then you will have all the knowledge on how to correctly choose…