Is 8GB RAM Enough For Gaming 2022

Having enough RAM for your computer is important for gaming to ensure that you have the best gaming experience possible. Otherwise, you will experience problems such as – stuttering, FPS drops, and game crashes. In this post, we’re going to assess whether 8GB of RAM will suffice because 8GB of RAM for a long time was considered the sweet spot for gaming.

Today you will learn how to check how much RAM you have to make the correct decisions to add more, also we will go over if it’s possible to have too much RAM so you don’t waste money. Then we will compare 8GB of RAM to 16GB of RAM for gaming so you will know how much RAM you actually need.

Answer: For gaming, you will want at least 16GB of RAM to ensure that you will have the best experience in most games but, 8GB of RAM should be enough for older games and games that do not require a lot of RAM. Certain games will run out on 8GB of RAM, this includes Minecraft(Modded), GTA V, DCS World.

How To Check How Much RAM I Have?

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Knowing how much RAM you have is important, you can easily check your capacity on Windows 10. All you have to do is open Settings -> System -> About, and under device specifications, you should see how much RAM you have. It will also tell you about the type of your operating system which is important for RAM capacity.

There is another way for checking your RAM and it should work for Windows 7 – Windows 10, all you have to do is right-click the taskbar and open task manager from here, go to the Performance tab and click on memory. This tab is quite useful as it tells you the RAM capacity and the usage, from here you can find out whether you need more RAM or not.

Apple Mac users can check their systems specifications by clicking the Apple icon near the upper left corner of the screen, Click about this mac, and in the overview tab, you should find the RAM capacity of the computer. It isn’t as informational as Windows 10 task manager, but at least you get a general idea of the specs.

Can You Have Too Much RAM?

It is definitely possible to have too much RAM, it’s pretty easy to waste money when it comes to computers. Financially, if you spend a massive amount of money on RAM, perhaps 64GBs of RAM to just game, then that’s a massive waste of money that could’ve gone to other components. Gaming doesn’t need 64GB of RAM, it can do just fine with anything between 8-32Gb of RAM.

From a practical sense, having too much RAM isn’t really going to harm your computer, but if your computer doesn’t need it, then the extra RAM is going to sit there doing nothing. For gaming, having extra RAM can seem like a good thing till you realize you could’ve used that extra money to purchase a better CPU or GPU to obtain more FPS.

Different types of operating systems have a maximum RAM capacity, for example, the 32bit version of Windows 10 will only allow up to 4GB of RAM. So if you’re running this version of Windows for whatever reason, having anything more than 4GB won’t be registered. Therefore, you will have too much RAM for the operating system, and the only solution is to upgrade to 64bit Windows.

How Important Is RAM For Gaming?

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RAM isn’t just important for gaming, it’s important for every single application on the system, and this is because of how it works. RAM is a type of volatile storage that has to work extremely quickly, sending receiving instructions with the CPU. The speed of the RAM is what makes it useful, it stores useful information on it for it to be processed by the CPU.

Imagine the CPU going to the hard drive or the SSD for instructions, this will be far too slow for anything practical, a game loading would take hours, or it may not even work in the first place. The RAM reduces this bottleneck thanks to its speed and efficiency, it communicates with the CPU in nanoseconds, thanks to this, your frame rates will be smooth and stutter-free.

Having enough RAM is important because once its capacity has been exceeded, the CPU will start going to the permanent storage for instructions. This is problematic as the permanent storage isn’t fast enough, therefore it will incur stuttering and instability issues. The only solution to this is to upgrade the capacity of RAM.

8GB Vs 16GB Of RAM

16GB of RAM is considered to be the sweet spot when it comes to gaming, this is because it allows your computer to do almost anything stutter-free. Most games will not use more than 16GBs of RAM, making it ideal for games such as GTA V, Modded Minecraft, and much more. Usually, open-world games consume massive amounts of RAM due to them loading a lot of assets.

8GB of RAM should suffice in a lot of games, but it’s slowly becoming ineffective as games become more and more demanding. If you’re playing old games, and games that do not require a lot of RAM, then 8GB of RAM should suffice, it’s open-world games you should watch out for as they can be quite RAM intensive.

If you’re going to build a gaming PC, save yourself some stress and pick up a 16GB kit in dual channel, it will keep you serviced for most games, and allow you to upgrade to 32GB if necessary. 8GB kits are soon outdated, and you should build your PC so it has a long shelf life, 8GB of RAM simply won’t do that.

Is 32GB Of RAM Overkill?

For gaming, it’s recommended that you have 16GB of RAM, this is due to most games not using more than 16GBs of RAM. However, there are scenarios where more RAM is necessary, such as DCS World 2.7, this game recommends 32GB of RAM if you’re running the game at high settings, and are playing in heavy missions. If you’re a fan of this game, you may want to do that.

Again, while games do not normally use 32GB of RAM, there are scenarios where they can, such as Minecraft. If you were to mod Minecraft, depending on the mods it will consume a massive amount of RAM, even for 16GB systems. This means 32GB of RAM may be necessary for smooth gameplay.

Although not many games will use 32GB of RAM, it can be seen as a great investment for future-proofing. If you’re into building beast gaming machines for the future, then 32GB of RAM will keep you gaming for a very long time without the need for upgrading. But if you’re only into average gaming, then 8-16GB of RAM should suffice.


In conclusion, 8GB of RAM does work for many games, but it’s slowly losing its shelf life and it will become useless. For stable gaming, 16GB of RAM is necessary, and it’s often considered to be the sweet spot, but there are scenarios where you may want more than 16GB of RAM, this is usually if you’re playing RAM-intensive games such as Modded Minecraft.