Different Types Of PC Builds

Building a PC is tricky for many reasons, even experienced builders run into issues every so often, this is because a lot can go wrong when building a PC. For example, you forget to plug a wire into the correct socket, or you didn’t insert the RAM correctly.

There are different types of PCs and they’re made for different reasons, you can find PCs that are made for just gaming or PCs that are made for video editing. Usually, you can tell a type of PC by the hardware they’re using, Gaming PCs will specialize in graphical performance for example.

What Are Gaming PCs?

Gaming PCs are types of computers that opt-in for the best graphical performance for a specific game or resolution. For example, you may build a gaming PC that is able to run a specific game at 60FPS at 1440P or 144FPS at 1440P.

Within a gaming PC, you’ll always find a graphics card, this is because games nowadays heavily utilize operations that the graphics card is efficient at handling. Secondly, you’ll always find a mid-top tier processor that is good at handling the information sent by the graphics card.

Also, gaming PCs will usually have fast storage for faster loading times, this is because some games can take minutes to load. You’ll find SSDs and NVME drives running games instead of the traditional slow hard drives.

What Are Video Editing PCs?

Video editing PCs are a type of PC that is more orientated to the processor’s power, this is because video editing software is more CPU bound than GPU bound. But, it isn’t unlikely to find a GPU in a video editing PC, because software such as Davinci Resolve heavily leverages the GPUs power.

Within a video editing PC, the CPU will likely be top-tier. usually a fast Ryzen such as Ryzen 9, or a fast Intel CPU such as the Intel Core I9s. For good performance, you want at least 4 cores when video editing, and 8 cores for the best video editing performance.

For video editing, you’ll usually find both SSDs and HDDs for storage, SSDs will be used for the fast loading times, and typically you’ll want them to be a decent size. Hard drives can be used to store any finished projects, hard drives come in much larger sizes than SSDs, and videos edited in high resolutions will take up a lot of space.

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