Building Your First PC

When you build your first gaming PC, there are many things you need to consider, few of the most overlooks factors are purchasing the right PSU, & Ensuring there are no clearance issues.

Consider These Tips Before Building!

Plan Ahead To Reduce Headaches!

Planning ahead is one of the best tips to take in when building a PC. Especially a gaming PC, you should know what are the best peripherals for your specific need.

Install Your Hardware In The Right Order!

Assembling the hardware in an inefficient order will cause headaches, and may even set you backward. Save yourself the time and effort and use this effective step by step.

Don’t Buy Cheap & Crappy Power supplies!

NEVER cheap out on power supplies, this is one thing you need to buy high quality. There are certain power supplies you should never buy, and there are brands that have earned their reputation for being reliable.