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Top 5 Graphics Card For I9 9900K & 10900K

The I9 9900K & 10900K are regarded as some of the best gaming processors thanks to their massive single-core performance. The 10900K being much newer than the 9900K albeit being on the...
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Top 6 Graphics Card For I7 9700K/KF

The I7 9700K & KF is a high end LGA1151 gaming processor for the fact that it performs very close to the I9 9900K in gaming scenarios. This is because the I7...
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Best LGA1151 CPUs/Processors For 2020

What Does LGA1151 Mean? When you insert your CPU into your motherboard, the socket you install it into has a name. In this case, the socket you'll be...
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Finding the perfect GPU / CPU Combo for your needs can be a tedious tasks considering there are tons of GPUs & CPUs on the market to pick from. We've narrowed down...
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