best cpus for rtx 3000

Must-Have CPUs For RTX 30 Series Cards

Most people want to build the best possible PC there is for their gaming needs but lack the critical thinking that goes into deciding what processor or what version of graphic cards factor in for attaining the unfettered compatibility.  The rational thing to do...
best cpus for 3070 3080

Best CPUs For RTX 3080 & 3070

The wait is over; the new RTX 3000 series GPUs from Nvidia are almost here. Announced last week and expected to be officially released in two weeks, the new GPUs definitely got people thinking about a PC upgrade or a completely new build. If you were thinking...
best sfx psu

8 Best SFX Power Supplies For Mini/SFF ITX Builds 2020

SFX power supplies are compact power supplies made to fit in small form factor cases. While some small form factor cases allow for ATX power supplies, SFX power supplies are much more space-efficient and their cables are shorter allowing for better cable management. SFX...
best lga1200 cpu

Best LGA1200 CPUs/Processors For 2020

Intel's 10th generation processors are finally here, and they have some interesting features. First of all, all the processors have hyperthreading, even the I3 processors, this is positive for individuals that require budget multi-threaded performance. What Does LGA1200 Mean? LGA1200...
mini itx pc

3 Best Mini-ITX Compact Gaming Builds 2020

Mini-ITX/SFF(Small Form Factor) builds are one of the most compact builds & they offer a ton of benefits over the traditional Mid-Full tower ATX Builds. One of the main benefits of Mini-ITX builds is the compactness they offer also, they're much more portable which is a benefit...