Best LGA 1700 CPU/Processors 2022

Best LGA 1700 CPU/Processors 2022

DewayneMar 23, 202214 min read

LGA 1700 is one of Intel’s CPU sockets, and it goes by the name “Socket H5”, and this socket supports Intel Alder Lake and Raptor Lake processors. The LGA1700 socket…

best 1200w psu

4 Best 1200W Power Supplies 2022

DewayneAug 25, 202117 min read

Who Needs A 1200W Power Supply? 1200W power supplies are gaining popularity as computer components grow more and more power hungry. The RTX 30 series cards already draw a lot…

best 1600w psu

4 Best 1600W Power Supplies 2022

DewayneAug 22, 202116 min read

Who Needs A 1600W Power Supply? 1600W Power supplies may become necessary in the future as graphics cards are drawing more and more power with each generation. The RTX 40…

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5 Best Dual Chamber PC Cases 2022

DewayneAug 21, 202119 min read

What Are Dual Chamber PC Cases? Dual chamber PC cases are cases which have two separate compartments within the chassis. The main compartment is reserved for the main components such…