best sfx psu

9 Best SFX Power Supplies For Mini/SFF ITX Builds 2022

DewayneSep 2, 202016 min read

SFX power supplies are compact power supplies made to fit in small form factor cases. While some small form factor cases allow for ATX power supplies, SFX power supplies are…

best lga1200 cpu

Best LGA1200 CPUs/Processors For 2022

DewayneJul 15, 20209 min read

Intel’s 10th generation processors are finally here, and they have some interesting features. First of all, all the processors have hyperthreading, even the I3 processors, this is positive for individuals…

3 Best Gaming Builds For 1440P/2K 2022

3 Best Gaming Builds For 1440P/2K 2022

DewayneJun 18, 20209 min read

Building a gaming PC that fits your specific needs can be frustrating, I get it, there’s so much that goes into building a PC. First, you must know what you…